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Trying Therapy

At Trying Therapy, we understand the limitations, stigma, and misinformation that still surrounds the space of mental health. We created this platform to help address some of these issues and offer users a safe, supportive, and informative environment to meet their mental health needs.

We aim to change the narrative surrounding mental health and we strive to do so with care, respect, empathy, and expert support.

Trying Therapy is as the name denotes, an easy way for you to "try therapy" and a safe and supportive space to take your first step to a better mental health.

About Us

Why Trying Therapy?

Easy to Use

At Trying therapy, we believe that accessing mental health services should be easy and we've made sure of that! With just a push of a button, you have quick and easy access to an array of resources, services, and professionals to help you understand and meet your mental health needs. 

Licensed Counselors

Excellent care requires expert service and at Trying Therapy, we have partnered with the some of the best licensed counselors in the world to help you on your mental health journey. Our counselors/therapists are board-certified, knowledgeable, highly experienced and have a deep respect and care for their profession and their clients. You can be certain that which ever therapist you choose on our site, is a qualified therapist that cares for you.

Feedback Driven

We are focused on creating an exceptional experience for both our clients and counselors and rely on feedback and reviews from the site's users to ensure this level of service is maintained. Your feedback will continually drive improvement initiatives for this platform and ensure we keep on delivering the caliber of service we believe in!

Free Session

Cost should never be a hinderance to receiving quality care and at Trying Therapy, we've partnered with professional counselors to ensure that it isn't!

By granting you one free session with any of our licensed therapists, we have removed the barrier of cost that impedes many people’s interest in commencing their mental health journey and ensured that your first step to Trying Therapy is free! 

Accessible Resources

At Trying Therapy, we understand the role that misinformation, ambiguity, and lack of accessibility plays in perpetuating mental health stigma. To combat this, our platform offers a host of accessible resources such as a perfectly curated blog to address the inaccuracies surrounding mental health, quality services including digital booking and virtual therapy sessions for client ease and speed, and best in-class professionals to help you make informed decisions about your mental health.


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When you visit our site you have access to a wide range of resources and services. Weekly blog posts on mental health, a free therapy session, and information about our licensed counselors are some of the resources available to help you meet your mental health needs.

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