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When do we need to see a therapist?

Here are some sure-fire signs to know that you may need to see a therapist urgently:

First, It's crucial to keep in mind that speaking to a therapist is not a sign of weakness and nothing to be ashamed of, but rather an essential step on the pathway to self-care. You can get back on track more quickly the earlier you choose therapy.

Now we’ve cleared this out of the way, these are some signs you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Your performance at work is declining from what it used to look like

  • You feel out of control/unable to control your life

  • You’re having difficulty managing your emotions.

  • Your sleeping patterns are changing

  • You feel like you need to speak to someone

  • You feel burdened.

The list could go on and on but the bottom line is you know when you don’t feel right, and when it's prolonged, it’s best to speak to a therapist.

If you notice these signs in a friend, colleague, or even your loved ones, please do well to suggest therapy to them. Our platform makes it very easy to access licensed therapists for free so you’re literally one click away from better mental health.

But what if you ignore these signs, you might be wondering what could go wrong?

Your mental health will continue in a downward spiral and that doesn’t look pretty as it could begin to affect the different areas of your life, your relationships with others, and your job; you might begin to lose yourself eventually.

You will agree that this is never the best place to be at all, so the smartest move to make is to take care of your mental health as soon as possible.

No more hesitating, see a therapist today!

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Unknown member
Jul 28, 2022

Thank you. This was so helpful 💕

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